Twitch and YouTube have changed the perception of content consumption in the recent times. These two online mediums have managed to become major platforms in terms of content consumption. And while YouTube is known for the variety of content that is available on it. Twitch has been known more as a platform for gamers streaming their gameplay online.

And ever since the release of PUBG and Fortnite, Twitch and YouTube have seen a proliferation in the number of viewers they are getting on videos related to these games. These two games have become some of the biggest content sources. Fortnite has broken records in the number of viewers it has seen in streams done on YouTube and Twitch by Ninja who is one of the most popular streamers in Fortnite.

When it comes to PUBG, there are a lot of streamers who are streaming their gameplay online on Twitch, and such videos also have massive viewership on YouTube. Shroud is so popular people consider him one of the best PUBG players in the world if not the best. Others like chocoTaco and Just9n are just as popular, and have provided viewers with some great gameplay experience.

Though gaming is dominated by men, there are some really successful women who too are counted among the top ten streamers playing PUBG. Sometime these streamers team up to play PUBG, which usually results in a dominating win for them. PUBG has even held tournaments with just streamers participating, and there are cosmetic items in the games styled after the popular streamers of the game.

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Here’s our list of who we consider the top 10 streamers in PUBG.

1. Shroud
2. chocoTaco
3. Just9n
4. Chad
5. AnneMunition
6. JennaJulien
7. PostMalone
8. TSM Viss
9. BreaK
10. OfficialAndyPyro

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