Video calls are now one of the main ways to conduct business and interact with people. Chances are that most of you are sticking to professional video calling platforms like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Duo. If you belong to the minority relying on Apple’s FaceTime app, there’s some news that’s good. Apple has updated its changelog for the latest iOS 14.2 build and it now states 1080p video calls on FaceTime for some older iPhone models.

Hence, if you are doing a lot of video calls on FaceTime over Wi-Fi, you can enjoy the higher resolution video quality on your iPhone. Apple states that you need to be on an iPhone 8 and newer phone in order to take advantage of the 1080p video calls. That means you will need to use an iPhone model from 2017 or newer. Models such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE (2016), and older won’t make the cut.

iOS 15 might not come to iPhone 6S, OG iPhone SE

In another report, there’s some information on iOS 15 and its compatibility. A recent report from The Verifier suggests that the iOS 15 update will evade the old iPhone 6S generation. That basically means the iOS 15 update won’t be supporting any of the devices running on the Apple A9 chip. Apple has a bunch of devices using this chip.

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus from 2015 run on the A9 chip. 2016’s iPhone SE (1st Gen) also uses the A9 chip while the iPad 5th Gen also uses the same platform. The Verifier’s record of leaks based on iOS has been on spot with the last few releases. Hence, there’s a high chance that your old iPhone 6S is ending its lifecycle soon.

That said, dropping the A9 powered devices from the iOS 15 support isn’t surprising. Apple offers up to five years of software support for all its devices. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have already completed five years of their existence. However, the iPhone SE 1st Gen came a year later and it would see the axe being dropped on it sooner than other Apple devices.

It remains to be seen whether the iPad 5th Gen also drops the support for the next iPadOS version. The iPad 5th Gen came much later with the A9 chip. This year, Apple included the iPad Air 2 for iPadOS 14 and this device runs on the older A8X chip. Hence, there’s some hope for users of the 9.7-inch iPad 5th Gen.

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