Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are the centerpiece of most of our activities apart from communication. These include entertainment, education, content creation and more. In addition, smartphone makers are in a constant quest to improve their devices each year. This includes a more powerful processor, a better camera, a larger battery, improved design, and a sleeker profile. The device makers are also experimenting with faster-charging batteries and increased RAM and storage combinations.

You may think that all this may come at a cost. But, the reality is quite the opposite as most smartphone makers are currently operating on razor-thin margins. This is to ensure that they can capture a larger slice of the market share. However, this quest for better hardware has left customers unaware of the actual power of a smartphone. Most casual customers are not aware of the internals of their devices and how to take care of these devices. They think of smartphones as these useful, safe things without any knowledge on how to take care of these devices

Smartphone mishaps

In a similar case, a 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan passed away after her smartphone exploded on her pillow. The report by The Sun noted that she went to sleep while listening to music on her phone. The explosion caused major head injury and the girl passed on the spot. Police revealed that the smartphone was plugged in for charging during the incident. Experts investigating the scene revealed that the smartphone exploded early in the morning after overheating from the charging.

The report did not reveal the brand of the smartphone. In addition, the report does not contain any information regarding the actual cause of the overheating device. It may be an old device with a swollen battery or it could also be caused by an improper, third-party charger. This case reinforced the lesson that users should take care of their devices and use them sensibly.

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