If you recently bought a new smartphone then there is a fair chance that the first thing you did with the device is take a picture. Now, a new insight from techARC DIGIT (Digital India Granular Insights & Trends), 43 percent of the smartphone users capture pictures with their devices at least once everyday. The report highlights the reason why smartphone makers are launching devices with triple and quad camera setup as consumers are increasingly looking for pocketable camera in their smartphones.

The report states that Indian smartphone users are heavy on taking pictures and capturing various moments happening in their daily lives. The report further highlights that females tend to use smartphones regularly for taking pictures with compared to males. “As per the findings, 50 percent of the females take a picture with their smartphones daily, while in males the percentage is 42 percent,” the report notes.

One of the key highlights of this report is the fact that as consumers upgrade to a premium range of smartphone they tend to click more pictures. “As the camera quality is relatively better in smartphones as a user moves to a premium range of the smartphones, it results in frequent usage of the camera by them,” the report reads.

While consumers tend to click more pictures with a premium smartphone, the same is not true for those using devices in the above Rs 50,000 category. The techARC insight claims that camera usage dips in this segment where consumers largely use their smartphones for productivity and communication use rather than taking pictures and sharing them on social media platforms.

The report also mentions that camera has become the default hardware for content generation on a smartphone. It also notes that the usage of soft keyboard has increased because of the rise of chat applications such as WhatsApp. Beyond taking pictures, users also tend to make use of their smartphone camera for making soft copies of important documents such as certificates, receipts and prescriptions.

Early this year, Huawei launched the P20 Pro with triple-camera setup on the back. It followed up with another device called the Mate 20 Pro recently. The move has forced smartphone makers such as Samsung and Oppo to also add triple or quad camera setup to their phones. The next Galaxy flagship called the Galaxy S10 is tipped to feature six cameras in total. With camera becoming major differentiator, the relevance of taking pictures is only likely to grow further.

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