Women safety has always been one of the major concerns in the world. Several initiatives have been taken in the last few years to ensure women feel safe to step out of homes. One of them is the introduction of apps that ensure women feel safer than ever before. There are several apps that claim to ensure women safety, we have listed out some of the best women safety apps ahead of the International Women’s Day.

5 best Women safety apps


Safetipin is one of the best women safety apps available on the Google Play store. The app ensures personal safety and offers features such as GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, directions to safe locations, among others. To ensure better user experience, the app also pins safe areas along with their safety scores to refer to at the time of any problem. Users also get an option to pin unsafe areas and help others as well. The app is available in some regional languages including Hindi, Bahasa and Spanish alongside English.


Raksha – women safety alert

This one provides similar offerings as the Safetipin app. It ensures women safety by offering a button that will send alerts to loved ones with the current location in a situation of distress. Users will also be allowed to select contacts, which will be able to see the location. The Raksha app also offers SOS functionality and can send SMS if a user is stuck in a non internet area.


The Himmat app has been recommended by the Delhi Police and ensures women are safe on roads. If a user is stuck in a problematic situation, the app will let them raise the SOS alert and the location details and audio video will be directly transmitted to the Delhi Police control room. The police will then be able to reach the location.


Women safety

Similar to all other apps, this one also collects information when a user is in distress and then informs the loved ones if they are stuck in an unsafe place. The app comes with the ability to send all the details related to the user location with just a tap of a button. It sends an SMS to a preconfigured number along with the location and a link of Google Maps. The app clicks two pictures with the front and rear camera, which are directly uploaded to the server.

smart app


Another women safety app that offers some great features is the Smart24x7. The app is supported by the various states’ police just to ensure the safety of women and senior citizens. It sends panic alerts to emergency contacts in a problematic situation, records voices and clicks photos in a panic situation. These voice notes and photos are then sent to police.

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