While most games on Android are free, there are paid ones as well. Some of these games are rather good, and seems to be available for free now. So in case you are looking to try out some games this weekend, here are five paid Android games you can grab for free right now. The sale ends soon hence we recommend that those interested acquire them quickly. Checkout these below.

Pichon: The Bouncy Bird – Cute Puzzle Platformer

Many of us have grown up playing Mario and other such games and even the bouncy ball game which was quite a popular one on many of the older smartphones. Pichon is a game which takes elements from all those games to create something that is fun and addictive to play.


Zenge is a puzzle game, and boy does it have some wonderful looking scapes as puzzles. The objective of the game is to solve the puzzles to reveal the story of the protagonist, Eon. It has some unusual puzzle that will challenge even the best puzzle game players, but most of all the game looks beautiful while doing so.

Dead Bunker 4: Apocalypse

This game clearly has more than just influence from Counter Strike 1.6 in terms of the weapons used in the game. But it mixes those with zombies and undead and manages to make quite an interesting game that is quite a bit fun to play as well. But be careful, there are a few challenging levels which will really test players.

Archery Physics Shooting Challenge

This is a clean and nice sandbox game that is bound to help anyone relax. The objective of the game is simple, hit the targets with your arrows. There are multiple kinds of targets and many ways to hit them. The clean sandbox experience of the game is what makes it a good one.

Dungeon Shooter V1.3 : The Forgotten Temple

To all the people who miss playing the old Heretic and Doom style games that were there in the era of DOS, can pick this one up. This game will put you in a castle with weapons and let you run around killing demons and monsters. There are objectives to complete as well, so don’t forget about those as well.

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