While most games on Android are free, there are paid ones as well and some of these games are rather good. And it seems a few of these paid games are now available for free which means that it is prime time to grab some of these right now. With that in mind, here are five paid Android games which are available for free right now. The sale ends soon hence we recommend that those interested acquire these quickly.

Empire Warriors Premium: Tactical TD Game

Empire Warriors Premium: Tactical TD Game is a tower defence game that seems as interesting as one of the MOBAs out there. This one has creatures invading lanes where the player has to defend using towers that evolve. Like the towers the enemies will evolve into mega monsters as well.

Dungeon X Pixel Hero VIP

Last time we listed an 8-bit style game, and we have another one for you this time as well. Dungeon X Pixel Hero is an adventure game where the protagonist has to arm themselves in a vast range of weapons and kill monsters in dungeons.

Survival Island: EVO PRO – Survivor building home

This one’s a classic survival game where players will have to build, fight find treasure and survive. This one has Pirates and other such exciting elements thrown in the mix to make it an exciting prospect.

Demong Hunter VIP – Action RPG

This game is a classic MMORPG with characters that are styled in the Chibi style. It has all the elements that a fantasy MMORPG can have and come with magic, weapons and the whole lot of it.

Tap Town Premium (idle RPG) – Soul

This is an example of a classic RPG game where players will have to level up their characters and battle monsters along with other players which gives it a unique experience. This is fun and rather simple to play.

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