The developers recently added a new PUBG map called Karakin. This new map is the fifth one to be introduced in PUBG and the second desert themed map. The devs promise that players will experience the fastest pace of gameplay yet and they did not disappoint.

We have been playing the map and seem have a grasp on how things seem to work out on it. A few things to mention before we get into all that, and the first one being that this is a 2×2 map. This means that it is half the size of Sanhok which is the most popular map among players. This is because players on public matches prefer quicker games than to slog around on Erangel and Miramar running for long stretches just to get into the circle. But we have a feeling that the Karakin map will be even more popular. It has excellent terrain which means players will engage in shootouts with a lot of cover.

Why Karakin is the best PUBG map yet

There are a few ways to go about this but we are going to state outright what we think makes Karakin the best map.

– To start off this map being 2×2 in size makes it the perfect size to play a battle royale minus the vehicles. Players have no trouble at all covering the distance between two circles. This means that the Blue Zone is hardly fatal. But something that definitely is a problem is that since the area is small there is an increased chance of meeting the enemy more frequently.

– The terrain of the map is identical to Miramar and is clean without anything to hinder it. This means clear line of sight with ease of spotting enemies. For us this means that it is harder to just go prone in the grass and take shots at others. This levels the playing field meaning it’s harder for an enemy with inferior skill to just camp in the grass and kill you. It’s a straight up battle of skill on the map, whoever has better aim and recoil control, wins.

– The loot on the map is very well balanced, and there is plenty to be found. Players can get into the action as soon as they go into any of the buildings. The map is small hence enemies are closer, and plenty of loot means it’s almost always a fair fight.

– The breakable wall in a rather intuitive addition which opens up a lot of avenues in a fight in the urban areas. New openings can be made to either escape of attack a team.

– Despite being bare in terms of grass the map has excellent ridges which means players can easily take cover from fights. This also means fights from long distance can be drawn out to an advantage. These ridges can also be used to make an escape of ambush enemies.

To be fair, the Miramar map had most of these aspects to it, but it wasn’t as popular because of its sheer size and lack of loot.

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