5 simple tips to click better photos using your smartphone

Smartphone cameras have evolved by multiple folds over the last few years. We are sitting in 2021, and most Android smartphones today come with minimum of three camera sensors and the number goes up maximum to five lens. To recall, the Nokia 9 PureView, which launched in India back in the year 2019, comes packed penta-rear camera system.

Unlike a decade ago, consumers today depend mostly on their smartphones to capture everything around them. On this World Photography Day, we have list out 5 easy tips to click better photos using your smartphone. Take a look.

Tips to click better smartphone photos

Tip 1: To click better smartphone photos, you must wipe your phone’s lens before shooting. That hazy effect you see often is not a filter but oil that could have registered on the lens. So, to click better photos using your smartphone, wipe the lens with a clean cloth. Try not to use your T-shirt to clean the lens since it can leave some marks on it.

Tip 2: To capture better smartphone photographs, tap on the brightest part of the screen to balance the exposure. Doing this will ensure a better result.

Tip 3: Use a contrasting background. This will make the photograph look more appealing than ever before. If you do not have a contrasting background to play with, use the bright blue sky as the background. This will make the object stand out in the photograph.

Tip 4: If you have one object, you must ideally use portrait mode to highlight it even more. If you are trying to capture a beautiful flower, an animal, or any other objects use portrait camera mode. This will ensure that the object gets highlighted and the background is blurred out completely. Most smartphones these days offer portrait mode with both back and front camera. Results in portrait mode can often surprise you. Try it out if you haven’t already.

Tip 5: While clicking photos in outdoors, it must be ensured that the sun is behind you to get well-lit photos. In indoors, to click better photos apply the same rule to the light source for better result.

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