FAU-G action game is all set to release for the Indian gamers out there on January 26. The Bengaluru based nCore Games has wisely selected the launch date for the so called PUBG Mobile‘s Indian alternative. A lot has already been revealed about the action game so far but today we are going to tell you five things that no one told you about the FAU-G action game till now. Take a look.

5 things about FAU-G game

This is no PUBG Mobile alternative

While most Indian gamer out there are calling this a PUBG Mobile alternative, that’s really not a game. In a past interview with BGR.in Vishal Gondal, founder of nCore Games had said that FAU-G is a very different game when compared to PUBG Mobile, which is currently banned in India. He said that the game will mainly focus on the story line.

FAU-G launch date December

This is no battle royale game

That’s right. FAU-G action game will not be a battle royale game similar to PUBG Mobile India. As already mentioned, the game will mainly focus on the storyline and not on the weapons and gaming modes, and more. The company has already teased that the first episode will revolve around the Galwan Valley episode.

There could be a FAU-G Lite version

Gondal in a past interview confirmed to BGR.in that there will be a liter version coming soon if users require. He had said that the version that will be released on January 26 will be mainly for mid range and high end mobile phones. He said if the company witnesses demand a liter version of FAU-G action game could be released in the months to come.

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First releasing on Google Play store

The FAU-G game will be released for Android users first on the Google Play Store. Gondal confirmed that the game will be available for iPhone users on Apple App store later this year. He didn’t provide any specific timeline.

Gaming modes will come via OTA updates

FAU-G action game will get several gaming modes in the following six to eight months through an OTA update. Gondal had also confirmed that all user data will be stored and hosted within India itself unlike the rival PUBG Mobile.

When will PUBG Mobile India launch?

While FAU-G is gearing up to release in India next week, PUBG Mobile India is still facing challenges to re-launch in the country. To recall, the battle royale game was banned in India in September last year alongside hundreds of other Chinese applications including the very popular TikTok.

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