The makers of PUBG Mobile have brought a new mode to the game. It seems this time around they have decided to take some inspiration from the classic FPS games like Unreal Tournament, and DoomTencent Games has introduce a new mode called Team Deathmatch. This new mode can be found under the ‘EvoGround’ tab in the game. The publishers have added a new map for this mode where teams of four players each will be taking on each other. We have tried out the new mode and have formed out first impressions of it.

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode: What to know?

The new PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode has squads of four players go up against another squad of four players in a new map. The new map is a warehouse with a lot of containers and walls for cover. The objective of the mode is to score 40 frags or kills before the opposition team does. Each team spawns in their own spawn point on either side of the map.

All players spawn with their own weapons, which usually includes one assault rifle with a red dot equipped, and enough bullets. Players have the option of changing to better weapons which are available at the base. The weapons that are available include assault rifles, SMGs, Kar98k and accessories for these weapons. Plus there is an M249 available in the middle of the map inside the warehouse. Players can pick that up and have it equipped with a 4x scope.

Players have to kill opponents to score and each kill is worth one point. There are no healing items in the map and players will have to stop running to start healing themselves. The healing happens automatically so players can concentrate on the fighting. Players directly die here after losing all health and don’t get knocked down. Players are respawned at the base after death and are invulnerable for some seconds to avoid opponents abusing them. PUBG selects an MVP or most valued player from each match. This is usually the player who has the most frags and the most kill streaks.

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode: Tips to win

Optimizing controls

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode is quite different from the classic PUBG mode. This is all about run and gun, and players will need to be quick about aiming. To do this efficiantly, players may want to create a new layout of controls for this mode. Players can remove the look button and just create space for the finger to move around. Enlarging the shooting and aiming buttons may help as well.

Working with the team

This is a 4 versus 4 match and teaming up is important. Teammates can watch your back and quickly cover your flanks. Working with teammates also eliminates the angles that the enemy can peek from behind cover. While your teammate may be doing these things for you, don’t forget to return the favor.

Using cover effectively

Though this may not be the best advise when playing FPP mode, but in TPP, always use cover wisely. Try staying behind cover and observe as the enemies approach and shoot them at a convenient angle. But remember to change cover, because once an enemy dies to you, they know where you are.

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Choosing the right weapon

Choosing the right weapon for this mode is essential. A Sniper may do a lot of damage and that one headshot from the Kar98k might be enough to kill the enemy. But you may never get the chance because enemies will move around a lot. It’s best to stick to Assault rifles, especially the Beryl M762, AKM or the M416. These ARs have the best damage to rate of fire ratio for this mode.

Effectively using grenades

Grenades are probably the most under rated weapons in PUBG Mobile pubs. But they are deadly when used properly. Always collect the grenades and use them to kill multiple enemies at the same time. Lob them from behind cover to where the enemies are, and get an easy multi-kill.

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