5G rollout must be India’s top priority, keeping affordability in mind: Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani addressed the India Mobile Congress 2021 event today to share insights on the 5G rollout in India and much more. Ambani believes that the telecom industry should work together in shifting India completely from 2G to 5G very soon. He also shared insights on what Jio is doing to rollout 5G in India as early as possible.

Ambani says that Reliance Jio is currently focused on 4G and 5G execution and broadband infrastructure expansion. He believes that the roll-out of 5G network should be India’s national priority.

Jio 5G rollout plans

Ambani highlights that Jio has “developed a 100 percent home-grown and comprehensive 5G solution which is fully cloud-native and digitally managed”. “Because of our converged, future-proof architecture, Jio’s network could be quickly and seamlessly upgraded from 4G to 5G,” Ambani further added.

He believes that affordability should be kept in mind as that has been a “critical driver of the phenomenally rapid expansion of the mobile subscriber base in India”. “India should move towards greater digital inclusion, and not greater digital exclusion,” Ambani notes.

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Reliance Jio head believes that “India needs to ensure affordability not only of services but also of devices and applications”. “The best way of ensuring comprehensive affordability is nimble adoption of futuristic technologies and supportive policy tools like the use of the USO fund for purposes other than services. USO fund can be used to subsidize devices to select target groups,” he states.

Affordability is the key

Affordability has surely helped a major chunk of the country to shift from 2G to 4G. Back when Jio introduced the 4G network in India, free data offers are what attracted users to upgrade. Ambani believes that the same strategy should be followed for the 5G rollout. The idea should be to offer better value at an aggressive price point.

Ambani also states India should work towards becoming Fibre-ready in the upcoming years. Talking about the importance of fiber connectivity, he says that “the world is now transitioning into a digital-first era when almost everything will be done in the digital space first, and then translated into the physical world”.

He highlights that a wider adoption of the technology will enable India to outperform most other countries. He also added that the digital-first era will necessitate an increase in data carriage and fiber connectivity will be a much-needed step as this has almost unlimited data carriage capacity.

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