ADCOM, a New Delhi based brand that makes tech lifestyle accessories, has come up with a new Vision Gaming Headphones. The new ADCOM Vision is available in Steel Grey color at an introductory price of Rs 1,590 on all leading e-commerce platforms and offline at a retail price of Rs 1,790 across India. The gaming headphones come with a one-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase.

ADCOM Vision features 50mm hi-fi white magnet bass drivers and with an Omni-directional mic that helps in canceling out the background noise in order to collect the required voice clearly. Apart from this, it offers a plethora of features that include 100 percent noise-cancellation for greater clarity during in-game communication, leather padded cushion headbands and ear-pads with an adjustable microphone for long and comfortable hours of gaming.

The gaming headphones weigh 322 grams making which the company claims is ideal to wear for extended gaming sessions. Also, it comes equipped with a 7 feet long OTG connecting cable which is connectable to any PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phones or gaming console such as Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, or a Nintendo Switch.

ADCOM Vision also offers 7.1 True Surround Sound, Plug-and-play USB audio and is equipped with adjustable volume and voice control and a mic switch on the headphone itself. Here’s a look at the different features of the ADCOM Vision in a list.

ADCOM Vision: Key features

– 50 mm Hi-Fi White Magnet Bass Drivers

– Omni-Directional Mic

– High Tensile Strength

– Anti-Winding Braided Cable

– Weight: 322 Grams

– 7 Feet Long OTG Connecting Cable

– Adjustable Voice/Volume Control

– LED Power Indicator

These headphones are set to take on a competitive market of hardware that is geared towards gaming. This price point will garner the company competitors among the other gaming hardware makers that manufacture for the budget segment. The competition is quite fierce even in this segment.

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