3D-printing is permeating every industry, and among them is the wildly popular sneakers space. Adidas’ latest running shoes is the amalgamation of age-old expertise and futuristic technology. After revealing them as a concept back in 2017, Adidas has now launched its AlphaEdge 4D in India. Read on to find out everything on the latest Adidas AlphaEdge 4D running shoes.

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D top features

The talking point of the latest Adidas shoes is no doubt its midsole. The design not only grabs a lot of eyeballs, but the tech that goes into making it is also quite impressive. Adidas is collaborating with Silicon Valley-based Carbon for a 3D-printing technology called Carbon Digital Light Synthesis.

This printing tech uses digital light, oxygen and programmable liquid resins to print durable polymeric products. The companies use this process to create a lattice-like design that forms the midsole of the AlphaEdge 4D. Adidas claims to have used data from runners worldwide to precisely tune the shoes. The design allows the shoes to respond to the movement patterns, weight and gait of the user.

Speaking of support, the outsole is built using Continental rubber. As for the upper, it features a sock-like fit that wraps around the foot. It also provides the support and comfort needed during sharp lateral movements and tight turns. Lastly, the upper is also made using reflective materials. This ensures you stay visible on the streets during those early morning runs.

Price in India, availability

All this futuristic technology does come at a cost. The Adidas AlphaEdge 4D costs Rs 27,999 in India. It is now available via select Adidas stores across the country. You can also pick up a pair from shop.adidas.co.in.

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