Gaming is starting to spread its wings finally after all these years and popular gamers are reaping the benefits. The recently concluded Dota 2 tournament The International saw OG win the biggest prize money in esports. Not just  that, it is one of the biggest among all sporting events. And Ninja who is one of the most popular streamers in the world, has just signed a deal with the popular German sportswear giant, Adidas. Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja was on the cover of ESPN magazine as well.

Now his deal with Adidas makes him the first esports personality to be signed by Adidas. According to statement by Adidas to Engadget, the deal with Ninja shows its commitment to gaming culture and “supporting creators who show dedication to excelling in their field.” Adidas plans to continue to find ways to support the 2.3 billion gamers across the world, in the times ahead. And adding to their statement, Adidas said that it intends, “to help athletes make a difference in their game – no matter what games they’re playing.”

Adidas sponsors teams, but the deal with Ninja is as an individual, and we are yet to see how this will be approached. As for Ninja, he recently switched over from streaming on Twitch to Mixer from Microsoft.

Ninja-Twitch controversy

A bit of an uproar caused by the fact that Twitch used his deactivated account to promote other links. Twitch started using his channel to promote other channels from the community. One of these links appeared to be pornographic in nature.

Ninja spoke up about this incident and called out Twitch to do something about it. Twitch immediately removed the link and its CEO Emmett Shear responded, on Twitter. He said “Experimenting with showing recommended content across Twitch, including on streamer’s pages that are offline.”

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