After Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey; will Mark Zuckerberg be next to leave his company?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey recently announced his retirement from the post of the company’s CEO. Thus joining the long list of tech moguls to have left the company’s they founded. There are many examples similar to that of Dorsey, like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Alphabet’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and many more. With this, almost every tech mogul who has created a Silicon Valley giant that dominates our lives has handed the reins to someone else. This is leading to a heated conversation currently taking over the internet, if Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg should also follow suit.

While for Dorsey, it seems that his priorities have shifted to cryptocurrencies, with his current bio reading “#bitcoin.” However, Zuckerberg continues to usher Facebook into the new era of Meta and of creating a metaverse.

Some of the tech billionaires left their companies to pursue other passions, take care of their health and other reasons. There are multiple CEOs who just distanced themselves from the daily work and took a larger role. For example Alphabet founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin while no longer maintaining the respective chairs, still have a controlling stake and remain on the board.

Elon Musk is another example of this, with him selling off Paypal and moving on to acquiring and helming Tesla and SpaceX.

All of these companies continue their daily work with new CEOs like Sundar Pichai at Alphabet, Satya Nadella at Microsoft and Parag Agrawal at Twitter.

While Zuckerberg helms Facebook’s transition to Meta, a lot of questions are being raised against his position. It is being said that Meta cannot fix its problems if Zuckerberg remains in charge, instead someone who is willing to focus on safety should take over.

Company insiders according to a report by AFP, suggest that power within Facebook remains unusually concentrated in the hands of Zuckerberg. This has been the case since the social media conglomerate was founded back in 2004.

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