Following Samsung’s footsteps, South Korean conglomerate LG Group is planning to launch a new line-up of M-Series devices, targeting the Indian market. Corroborating through a filing with the KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service), LG has registered to use the name “M10” for a future device, GSMArena reported on Friday.

Earlier in June, the company introduced its W-series in India that brought along three devices – “W10“, “W30“, and “W30 Pro“. Since details about the upcoming M-line-up of LG’s devices have not been disclosed, it is being speculated that the new series would also bring three smartphones named like the devices of the W-series.

In addition, LG has filed for two more names – “V60” and “V70”. Currently, the latest device in LG’s V-Series line-up is the “V50” smartphone that was introduced as the 5G variant of “V40”. With the recent launch of LG Pay in the US, the Korean phone-maker is not giving up on competing anytime soon, the report said. The company is still taking risks and trying new features like Hand ID on the LG G8.

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Earlier this month, LG launched the G8S ThinQ as the newest addition to its G8 series. While the LG G8 ThinQ was limited to certain markets, the G8S ThinQ will be available in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The South Korean company has confirmed that the device will go on sale starting this month. It brings some of the key features first seen on G8 ThinQ, and pairs with “features popular with target consumers”. The G8S ThinQ also features the Z camera solution at the front. It uses a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor for gesture recognition, which can also be used as a biometric recognition option.

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