After Xiaomi, now Oppo releases update to provide people with extended RAM

The current tech trend says, ‘let’s provide people with more RAM without having to include some.” This is the virtual RAM tech, which first made its way to Vivo phones just recently. As is the case with every new thing in tech, this is now being adopted by more smartphone makers, the latest one being Oppo.

Oppo has introduced its memory expansion technology that will provide additional RAM to certain phones for the ease of better multitasking. This will reach a few selected Oppo smartphones via a new software update.

Oppo hops onto the virtual RAM bandwagon

A new update will provide the Oppo Reno 5 series, the Oppo A94, and the Oppo A74 with extended RAM capabilities. For the Reno 5 phones, the expansion is up to 7GB. The Oppo A-series phones will get up to 5GB of RAM. The extended RAM capacity, however, is expected to be different for different markets.

With this, people will get more RAM at their disposal, which will mean more room for apps, better multitasking, and a faster phone. Plus, mobile gaming could get better with the ability to run more high-graphic games. And this won’t happen out of the blue. The technology will take some from the internal storage to accommodate the extra RAM. This, in turn, would mean less storage available.

The new update will provide people with an option to expand the RAM via the settings. People can head to the About section of the phone and tap on the RAM option to get to the RAM Expansion option.

While the Oppo Reno 5 5G, Oppo A94 and the Reno 5 Z will get the update this month, the Reno 5 Pro 5G will get it in July. There’s no word on its availability for the Oppo A74.

However, there’s no word whether or not Oppo is planning to introduce this tech to more of its existing phones.

Xiaomi quite recently released a new update to add extra RAM to the Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G. With its virtual RAM tech, the company will add an additional 2GB of RAM. This is likely to get introduced to more Xiaomi phones.

The ability is also available for the recently launched Reame Narzo 30 5G, which provides people with extra RAM via the company’s DRE tech.

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