Air pollution rising in Delhi NCR: How to check air quality index in real-time

Delhi NCR and neighbouring cities have been blanketed by toxic air following the violation of crackers ban initiative in the national capital and adjacent areas. Since the last three days, the air quality index of Delhi and NCR regions and several parts of UP and adjacent regions have risen to severe.

Several reports suggest that the rising pollution has led to increase cases of breathing issues among patients in Delhi. The situation makes it even more important for all to add at least a basic air purifier to home. If you are looking to purchase an air purifier, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

If you  are suffering from breathlessness or facing difficulties in breathing, check the air quality index in your location immediately.

How to check air quality index in real-time

Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, you can simply head over to the weather app to check the air quality level. In addition to the temperate, day, time, and weather forecast it should show the air quality index in your location.

However, if you wish to check the air quality index in real-time, there are some apps available for download on Google Play store/Apple App store.

Check the list of best apps below.

IQAir AirVisual

Download: Android, iOS

Google Play store calls it the most trusted Air Quality Index checker app available. The application offers seven days forecast well in advance, so that you can plan you day ahead of rising air pollution and weather. One of the most interesting bits is that the app compares the air quality level inside your home and outside. So, if you have an air purifier but doesn’t show the air quality level, this app should help.


Download: Android, iOS

BreezoMeter is also known as a air quality, pollen and weather app. The platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the “most accurate real-time, street-level air quality and pollen data.” The ap provides real time air quality maps, daily information for multiple types of pollen from trees to grasses, weather forecast, personalized health recommendations and more.

Plume Labs: Air Quality App

Download: Android, iOS

Another recommended app to keep check on air quality index is Plume Labs. The platform provides real-time pollution levels in your area. It offers street-by-street pollution maps and detailed information about how air quality will evolve over the next 72 hours.

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