As part of a bizarre incident, a man in the US ended up in the hospital after he felt discomfort in his chest. The reason you ask? Apple AirPods.

The AirPods was found in his esophagus after he reportedly swallowed the Apple TWS. Here’s a look at what all happened and why you should be more careful with your wearables.

AirPods found in man’s chest

It is suggested that Bradford Gauthier (via WWLP News 22), a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts had accidentally swallowed one of his AirPods while he was fast asleep. Bradford told the incident via a Facebook post.

Gauthier was reportedly wearing his Apple AirPods while he fell asleep at night, one of which went missing when he woke up the next morning. He felt a lot of pressure in his chest but totally neglected it the first time thinking of it as dry throat or ‘something from the snow shoveling a night before.’ He also found that his AirPods was missing, which brought the joke to light that he must have swallowed it.

airpods found in chest

Image: Bradford Gauthier/Facebook

He then went on to go out and shovel more snow for an hour. Following this, when Gauthier tried drinking water, he was unable to do so. This is when he paid attention to the discomfort he was facing earlier and finally went to the emergency room.

An X-Ray later it was discovered that one of his missing AirPods (which he totally forgot about) was found in the lower part of his Esophagus, something which started off as a joke but turned true. Later on, an emergency endoscopy was performed and the audio product was removed.

Luckily enough, the man has survived the weirdly funny incident. However, we don’t know what really happened to the swallowed AirPods.

Not the first time something like this happened!

Back in 2019, something similar to this happened. A Taiwanese man had also swallowed his AirPods while he was sleeping. Upon waking up, he tried searching for the missing AirPods and used the Find My AirPod app for the purpose.

It was then discovered that the AirPods were in fact homed in his stomach. And this is not the surprising part. What’s surprising is that he pooped the AirPods out and they still worked. Guess Apple AirPods is waterproof after all.

One should note, that while the two gentlemen mentioned above survived the incident, you should be more careful with your AirPods or any other audio accessory for that matter. Just don’t wear them to sleep or in any situation wherein the audio product can be a health hazard!

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