The first generation Apple AirPods pretty much set the trend when it came to true wireless earbuds. Since almost every brand out there is looking to launch their own competitor to the AirPods. Then Apple launched the AirPods Pro, setting the bar even higher.

As other brands continue to upgrade and launch their own alternatives, it makes sense that Apple wishes to continuously update and better the AirPods Pro. However, the latest firmware upgrade for the Apple earbuds has reportedly gone wrong. The new update betters the sound accuracy on the AirPods Pro. But this comes at the cost of deprecated Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

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Since the update started rolling out, a number of users complained about the ANC quality going bad. While some users pointed out that the observation might just be subjective and differ from person to person. However, review website Rtings went ahead and updated their AirPods Pro review to confirm the fact.

What is wrong with the AirPods Pro?

The new update weakens the ability of the AirPods Pro to isolate and cancel bass-range audio. This means that the earbuds will not be able to cancel out something like airplane engine sounds as well as before.

On the other hand, users reported a significant improvement in the overall frequency response. This basically means that the earbuds now offer more precise and accurate sound than before. It is likely the code for this improvement that slightly messes up the ANC features.

However, with the issue out there for quite some time now, Apple is probably already working on a fix. The company pulled the 2C54 update a few days after the December 16 rollout. We can expect an update to come out soon for the AirPods Pro that retains the improved sound accuracy but fixes the ANC.

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