Airtel is now joining the growing list of cable and DTH operators to streamline the process of selecting channels and understand pricing. The announcement from Airtel comes after Tata Sky simplified the process into three steps early this week. Leading cable and DTH companies are now scrambling to make it easier for their customers to select channels and understand the charges before TRAI’s mandatory switch to the new TV pricing gets implemented on February 1, 2019. Starting next month, TV viewers will be able to opt to pay only for the channels they want to watch, as per a new regulation from Telecom Regulatory and Authority of India.

In order to streamline the switch, Airtel Digital TV announced the a-la-carte pricing of the channels on its website last month. Back then, the company said that it will make it easier for customers to easily switch their plans on Airtel website or via the My Airtel App or by calling the customer care service. Now, in an effort to make the process even more easier, it has announced option to subscribe to their favorite channels with just a QR code scan on their television screen.

With the new process, Airtel says its digital TV users can make their own plans or select from a range of recommended plans offered as per TRAI guidelines on channel 998. Once they have selected their plan and price, they can finally scan a QR code to activate their selection. “Customers can view the complete list of channels along with its a-la carte price as well as the broadcaster packs. They can also opt for the Airtel value plans which have been specially designed for customers based on their current channel selection or current monthly recharge value,” the company said in a statement.

Airtel says after selecting the channel or pack, customers have to just scan the QR code and send it to 54325. Post sending the SMS, the pack will automatically get activated starting February 1. In order to scan the code, Airtel Digital TV users have to use their smartphone camera. In case your smartphone does not support QR scanner then you can download a third-party QR scanner app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Airtel has also created a quick demonstration video of the process.

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TRAI has also created a dedicated channel selector tool on its website. The tool is one of the easiest way to look at channels that you plan to subscribe, select the streaming quality, filter by broadcaster among other options. It shows the final pricing including all tariffs and includes an optimize button, which will automatically opt for channels packs and thus lower the final cost.

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