Airtel vs Jio vs Vi: Best work from home prepaid plans under Rs 500

With Covid-19 cases on a surge once again throughout the country, any offices that opened up are once again shutting physical operations and implementing work from home. During the initial surge last year, telecom service operators including Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea (Vi) launched special work from home plans offering users special benefits geared towards improving efficiency. None of these operators has added any new work from home prepaid plans, however, they still continue to offer some of the older plans, which we will be taking a look at today.

Airtel vs Jio vs Vi: Reliance Jio work from home plans

Reliance Jio currently offers three work from home data packs, priced at Rs 151, Rs 201 and Rs 251. Under the Rs 151 plan, customers are offered 30GB of high-speed data, along with the Rs 201 plan, customers are provided with 40GB of high-speed data and lastly, under the Rs 251 plan, customers are offered 50GB of overall data.

All of these plans come with 30 days of validity and can be used as standalone plans. None of these plans come with any calling or SMS benefits.

Airtel vs Jio vs Vi: Airtel Rs 251 work from home plan

Airtel under its Rs 251 work from home plan offers customers 50GB of additional data. Unlike Jio’s Rs 251 plan, this does not come with standalone data validity, instead, the plan bundles along with the existing plan extending the data. This plan also does not include any additional calling or SMS benefits.

Airtel vs Jio vs Vi: Vi work from home plans

Vi offers its users multiple work from home plans, starting at Rs 16 and going up to Rs 351.

Starting with the basic, Rs 16 plan, it comes with 1GB of data and has a validity of 24 hours. The Rs 48 plan comes with a validity of 28 days and offers users 3GB of high-speed data.

Under its Rs 251 plan, the company offers customers 50GB of high-speed data along with a validity of 28 days. Lastly, the Rs 351 plan offers customers 100GB of high-speed data for 56 days.

None of the Vi work from home plans come bundled with calling, SMS or add-on service benefits.

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