Online scams are on the rise, especially at the time when we are all dependent on digital platforms for everything in life. Hackers are using this as an opportunity to trick people and steal their personal details and also hard-earned money. A new online scam is doing rounds, which claims that “CoWinHelp app” will allow users to book “COVID-19 vaccine now from 18+”.

CoWIN app online scam alert: Check details

This is a fake message being sent out from +919126874440 phone number to users. Firstly, it should be noted that such messages are sent out only by the government of India and not any other random mobile number. So, the message looks suspicious at the first step itself.

Moving forward, when we read the text message being circulated, it contains, grammatical and factual error. The message reads: “REGISTER FOR VACINE NOW from age 18+ Register for vaccine using CoWiHelp app. Download from below link:”

covid 19 vaccine, COVID-19 Vaccination Registration

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Well, look close and you will be able to spot the first issue in the text message – the first vaccine mention is spelt wrong while the second one is written with the correct spelling. Moving forward, the message mentions an app called “CoWinHelp” but in reality there is no such applications available on either Google Play store or Apple App store. Time and again, the government has reiterated that vaccine slots can only be booked by CoWIN portal, there is no app here as well.

The fake message also includes a link that claims to help users download the CoWinHelp app, but the url itself looks suspicious. The official CoWIN portal website link is: The fake website link is in no way related to the official website link. So, if you have received the same message, make sure to not click on the link. In fact, you must not tap on any link that are not verified by the government.

Currently, to book COVID-19 vaccine slot you will need to head over to the CoWIN portal at There is no CoWIN app available for the public to book vaccine slots in the country.

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