Alert! Govornment tracking your WhatsApp messages, calls? No, this viral WhatsApp message is fake

Another WhatsApp message with false claims is going viral these days and you should definitely not fall of it. The Indian government is also warning users on the same. PIB Fact Check took to Twitter to warn users and stated, “Messages circulating on Social Media reading ‘WhatsApp info regarding √ tick marks’ is #FAKE.#PIBFactCheck : No! The Government is doing no such thing. The message is #FAKE.”

A new viral WhatsApp message claims that the messaging platform has introduced new tick system, wherein three red ticks mean the “government has initiated action and you will receive summons from court”.

The message further claims that two blue ticks and one red tick mean “government can take action against you”, three blue ticks mean “government has taken a note”, and one blue and two red ticks mean “government is screen your data”.

Well, nothing of that sort has been officially announced by WhatsApp. Don’t fall for any such message. It’s fake.

The fake viral message comes with “forwarded many times” label and claims that WhatsApp has implemented these new communication rules after the new IT rules have come into effect on May 26. The message states that under the new rules all calls will be recorded, and social media accounts will also be monitored by the Indian government. It adds, if a WhatsApp user shares a negative message that goes against that government or on any religious issue, then they will be arrested.

The viral message also claims that devices of all WhatsApp users will be “connected to the ministry system.” It adds that the messaging platform has implemented a new tick system, which allows users to find out if their messages are being monitored by the government.

To reiterate, WhatsApp hasn’t not introduced any new communication rules and there is no feature as three red tick or two red ticks with one blue as well.

The tick system remains as it is, which means, when a user sends a message, you see one tick, which means the message has been sent. Two ticks mean the message has been delivered. Lastly, two blue ticks mean the message has been read by the receiver.

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