Recent reports have revealed that Vivo may soon launch a new NEX series smartphone that will come equipped with dual displays. It could be the successor to the Vivo NEX smartphone that was announced in India early this year. Fresh renders of the upcoming Vivo phone with dual display has been created by popular tipster and designer Benjamin Geskin. The renders have been created on the basis of the rumors surrounding the mysterious Vivo phone.

Yesterday, a YouTuber had shared a video that showcased a mysterious smartphone with dual displays. The YouTuber also revealed that the smartphone is equipped with a round-shaped RGB light called Lunar Ring. It seems to be placed on the rear where the triple rear cameras are placed. However, he did not confirm on the exact identity of the smartphone.

The Vivo NEX 2 renders by Geskin reveals that it is fitted with dual displays like the recently announced Nubia X phone. The front panel of the phone is entirely occupied by the main display which is embedded with an under-display fingerprint scanner.

The rear side of the phone has a smaller display with a Vivo branding below it. There are two camera sensors that are enclosed in the RGB-lit Lunar Ring. The third camera sensor that is placed outside the Lunar Ring could be a ToF camera for 3D sensing. An LED flash is also available for the camera sensors.

There is no selfie camera on the front side of the phone. Users of the alleged Vivo NEX 2 can make use of the rear-mounted camera sensors for capturing high-resolution selfie shots by using the rear screen as the viewfinder.

Shown below is a leaked photo of the dual display Vivo phone that had surfaced on Weibo earlier this week. Geskin’s renders matches with the phone shown in the YouTube video as well as with the device in the leaked photo. Could it really be the Vivo NEX 2? Let us know your thoughts by posting your comments below.

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