Concept technology has been all the rage in the tech community this year. A term most people usually associated with automobiles slowly came to smartphones. A diversification in concept smartphones brought us recent additions like the OnePlus Concept One. Now, the term has flown over to wearables as well. Huami’s Amazfit line will be introducing its first concept wearable this April called the Amazfit X.

The Amazfit X will hit Indiegogo in early April and if successful there, might turn into a real product. We last saw the product back in January 2020 when it was teased on the site. Here is everything you need to know about the concept watch.

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The Amazfit X features a 2.07-inch curved AMOLED display along with some serious credentials. It will have a density of 326 PPI and a peak brightness of 430 nits. There is a fully metal case with likely a premium finish. There are no physical buttons on the entire unit. Rather, navigation is taken care of using a touch-sensitive panel on the right edge of the Amazfit X.

Talking about the battery, the Amazfit X was said to feature a 220mAh unit in a previous leak. That is kind of small, considering most recent fitness trackers feature over 400mAh battery packs. But then again, maybe the leak wasn’t entirely accurate. There are also a bunch of engineering feats in the wearable. The watch has a curved screen, sugge3sting a flexible AMOLED display and a curved glass. Apparently, there is even a three-piece motherboard in there, according to Wareable.

There is no word on whether the Amazfit X features elements like GPS and ECG. These will be key factors in determining if the wearable will be a hit or miss in most markets. That being said, the availability of the Huami Amazfit X is still up in the air. Like many products on Indiegogo, the Amazfit X may never see the light of day. However, since this is an addition from Amazfit, people will likely be more eager to put their money on the concept watch.

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