Amazon Echo Link, Echo Link Amp to launch in India next week: Report

Back in September 2018, Amazon launched the Echo Link alongside Echo Link Amp and Echo Sub in the US. Fresh information shared by MSP reveals that the retailer giant will be releasing the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp in India in the coming week. The Echo Link is reportedly set to release in India with a starting price of Rs 15,000.

The Amazon Echo Link coupled with an Echo device can be used to upgrade an existing stereo system for enjoying streaming music. It is a compact device that serves a node between an Echo device and a home speaker. Users can simply make use of the Alexa app or voice control the Echo device for playing their favorite music.

The Amazon Echo Link features I/O ports for RCA, coaxial, optical, subwoofer, 3.5mm audio jack, and ethernet. There is a big knob on is front for controlling the volume. The Echo Link Amp also features the same I/O points with a pair of 60W amplifier. It makes it possible to establish a direct connection between an Echo device and a stereo system. The Echo Link and Link Amp users can support live streaming music from various platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and so on.

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While the Amazon Echo Link and Link Amp were announced in the US with respective price tags of $199 (approximately Rs 13,700) and $299 (approximately Rs 20,700), they are still not available for purchase in the stateside. Even though both devices are expected to get announced in India in the coming week, there is no word on their availability. Since both devices lack support for microphone, users will have to invest on an Echo device in order to use it.

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