Amazon has unveiled a new Marketplace Appstore in India, which is a business-centric e-commerce platform. It should help sellers in India grow business multifold. The platform can help sellers find trusted third-party apps that can help them automate, grow and manage their business.

The Amazon Marketplace Appstore enables sellers to focus on their business as it reduces the time and effort they spend on finding the right solution for their specific needs — be it finding a shipping provider or sales analytics tool. Moreover, one can search, filter and compare apps on Marketplace Appstore to find the solution that best suits their needs.

“The platform is designed to intuitively connect the right developer with the right seller to ensure that both parties succeed,” said Gopal Pillai, Vice-President, Seller Services, Amazon India. The platform reportedly has nearly 100 apps from across the world. Furthermore, the Appstore covers a range of functionalities and price points. Sellers can now browse and filter apps across 13 categories. This includes accounting and tax remittance, inventory and order management, and more. Sellers can browse apps and even learn about every tool via the apps detail page.

“We want to become the go-to solution for sellers to access business tools for their needs and minimise the time, effort and money otherwise spent on searching and experimenting for appropriate solutions,” Pillai said. “The applications on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore have been verified and are reliable. We believe this will help both sellers and developers scale their businesses,” he said.

Besides, last year, the e-commerce giant launched a Hindi platform in India in a bid to bring the 100 million shoppers online. The platform enables users in India to enjoy the ease and convenience of Amazon’s shopping experience in Hindi. On a completely different note, the company launched a new Kindle a few months back. The device is priced at Rs 7,999. You can buy the latest Kindle in two color variants, including Black or White. Additionally, you can also purchase a Kindle cover for Rs 1,499.

With inputs from IANS

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