Do you use Amazon Music? Yes, the music streaming app that comes free with the Amazon Prime subscription. If you rely on it while doing your daily commute to the office, there’s a nifty feature to help with music playback. As part of its latest update, Amazon Music gets a new Car Mode on mobile devices. The Car Mode brings a new minimalist user interface to help with the playback controls while driving.

Car Mode will offer users a simpler UI with larger playback keys and easy access to the playlist. The top half of the interface will display next/previous track keys, and play/pause key. The name of the track will be displayed in large font size as well. The other half of the interface displays shortcuts to various playlists as well as custom playlists.

Car Mode comes to Amazon Music

The idea behind Car Mode is to help with easy playback control with an easy-to-use interface while driving. Amazon says that the Car Mode can trigger automatically when it connects to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth. Do note that this feature works only if you have a modern audio system.

Amazon Music

In case you have an old audio system, you can manually trigger the Car Mode interface. This can be done by digging into the Settings menu. Additionally, the Car Mode brings support for Alexa onboard. Hence, you can summon Alexa to play songs or playlists from your Amazon Music account. Alexa can be triggered either with a tap on the screen or by using voice command “Alexa, play …”.

In essence, the Car Mode is just a simple UI for when you are driving. For those using Amazon Music while on the road, it becomes a nifty feature, similar to Spotify’s simplified car controls. While Apple Music and other popular streaming services don’t feature dedicated UI for car playback, they offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help with easier access to your phone’s multimedia.

Currently, Amazon Music is only available to Amazon Prime members as part of Prime benefits. Hence, if you buy Amazon’s annual Prime membership for Rs 999, you get access to Amazon Music along with Prime Video. Users get unlimited free downloads as well as access to music videos on Amazon Music.

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