It looks like e-commerce giant Amazon is rolling out a new feature for its Prime subscribers. As part of the new feature, Amazon will start rolling out free in-game items for popular mobile games. This is not the first gaming-related thing that Amazon has offered its users. To recap, Amazon already offers Twitch Prime to its Prime members without any additional charge. To kick-start things, Amazon is teaming up with Tencent Games to offer free in-game items to PUBG Mobile players. It has already shared all the items that PUBG Mobile players can get for free in the coming days.

PUBG Mobile: How to get in-game items for free

Amazon has made a dedicated landing page for interested PUBG Players along with all the details on what items users will get and how they can use these in-game items. Taking a look at the page, Amazon is currently offering “Infiltrator Mask”. Other items include “Infiltrator Jacket with Gloves”, “Infiltrator Shoes”, “Infiltrator Pants”, “Blood Oath-Kar98k” and “Black Magma Parachute”. The company clarified that all items except the “Blood Oath”, and “Black Magma Parachute” will be permanent. As part of this feature, Prime members can get an “exclusive in-game loot” each month along with Twitch Prime games, and more.

According to TechCrunch, Amazon will offer more exclusive in-game content with partnerships from EA, Wargaming Mobile, Moonton, Netmarble, and more. This program is somewhat similar to something known as “Underground Actually Free” from a few years back. As part of this program, Amazon used to offer free versions of paid Amazon apps. However, that program was later shut down in 2017. The report did note that this new program is likely a far more effective way to attract users to become Prime subscribers.

A major catch

Amazon clarified that this offer is also available on free Amazon Prime trial. In fact, the items collected during the trial remain in your account. These items are only available for iOS and Android platforms. However, if you are reading this in India and want to get the free in-game content on your PUBG Mobile account then you can’t. The short answer to your hope is that it is not possible. This is because this offer is not available across the globe. Amazon clearly states that it is not available in India, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. This also means that you will need to have Amazon Prime US subscription for this to work.

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