Amazon Prime membership getting expensive from next week: Check new price, other details

Amazon Prime membership is getting expensive from next week. To be specific, from December 13. So, to get the Prime membership at the old price you just have a few days in hand.

The video streaming platform has revised the price of annual, monthly, and quarterly plans. Amazon has confirmed the piece of news on its official website.

Amazon Prime revised plans

-Once the revised prices come into effect, the annual Prime membership will be available at Rs 1499, which is around Rs 500 costlier than the old price of Rs 999.

-Coming to the monthly plan, starting December 13, Prime members will need to pay Rs 179 instead of Rs 129. This is an increase of Rs 50.

-Lastly, the quarterly plan will be soon available at a higher price of Rs 459. Until the price hike comes into effect, users can get the plan at a much lower price of Rs 329.

All three revised plans will come into effect from December 13 and are already listed on the official website.

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On the contrary, the Youth plan will be priced much lower now. The plan available for members between the age of 18 and 24 years will now be available at a price of Rs 499 instead of Rs 749 annually. Similarly, the monthly and quarterly plans will be available for Rs 64 and Rs 164 instead of Rs 89 and Rs 299, respectively.

Subscribers must note that an ongoing subscription will remain unaffected. However, once the plan validity ends, users will need to pay the new price. So, it is suggested to opt for a new Prime plan before the revised plans come into effect from December 13.

Commenting on the revision of Prime subscription, Amazon noted on its official website, “existing Prime members can continue their membership for the duration their membership plan is at the current price. However, after the price change, you can choose to renew your membership at the new price.”

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