Google recently made its first official announcement for the next version of its mobile operating system with the Emoji 13.0 update. However, now the company has pushed various changes to its developer site. The changes make a reference to Android 11.

However, the external page that most people would look forward to is still not ready. This won’t let us in on the changes we would likely see in Android 11. The page to register devices would not be available yet either.

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Until now, none of the other text on the page has been updated. There are still references to it working with “any Pixel device”. Privacy, foldable and Vulkan features are carried over from the Android Q days. The prompts to register Pixels for the preview also still point to the Q Beta program as well.

The changes, however, suggest that a rollout of the very first Developer Preview for Android 11 is imminent. If the release suddenly pops up in the upcoming days, it would still be a far earlier one compared to last year’s first release of Android 10. The site has since been taken down, instead of redirecting users to an Android 10 page.

It could be possible that the release might come in some days. It is also possible that Google is just taking its time to get the website ready ahead of a release that might come later in the year. We’ll just have to wait out and see how events unfold. In any case, this is the second pointer to the fact that Android 11 is on its way.

Recently, the Unicode Consortium just detailed a total of 62 new emojis and 55 skin tone and gender variants as part of Emoji 13.0. Google had announced that the new emojis will be available with Android 11. The new operating system will also include the company’s 5 contributions to the 2020 set of emojis. This was the first time Google officially listed the upcoming OS update.

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