Android 11: How to easily check notification history

There are times when you accidentally clear notifications on your phone. This is sometimes a bit frustrating and if you have an Android phone, then this might have happened with you. With Android 11, Google has made it easier for you to see previous notifications. So, if you have missed or swiped off any notification accidentally from the past 24 hours, you just need to go to settings for that.

However, if your phone hasn’t yet received the Android 11 support, then you will have to wait for your manufacturer to roll out the stable update. If your phone is running on Android 10, then you can check in the Notification Log widget. You just need to long-press anywhere on your home screen, and tap on “Widgets.” After that, scroll down and find “Settings” widget. Long-press it, and place it on your home screen.

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You will have to tap on the “Notification Log” to create a shortcut of it. The last step is to tap on the widget and scroll through your recently dismissed notifications. We recently published a story on how you can check notification history on phones that support Android 10. Now, check out the steps of how you can see notification history in Android 11.

Android 11: How to easily check notification history?

Step 1: Visit your phone’s settings section.

Step 2: Go to Apps and Notifications > Notifications

Step 3: Tap on “Advanced” > scroll down > open Notification history

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