Android 13 beta 2 announced at Google I/O 2022: Check details

Google, at its annual developers’ conference, Google I/O 2022, announced the second beta version of its upcoming Android 13. The company had rolled out the first beta version of Android 13 last month. At the event, the company said that Android 13 beta 2 will be available on select phones, tablets, and foldables, which includes devices from companies such as ASUS, HMD (Nokia phones), Lenovo, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE.

In addition to announcing the second beta version of Android 13, the company also shared the new features that will be available in the company’s upcoming mobile operating system. So, let’s take a peek at all the new features coming to Android 13.

What’s new in Android 13?

Google said that with Android 13, the company is giving users more control with over what data they share with the apps and how they share it. Now, instead of permitting apps to users’ “Files and media,” they will be able to give apps access to “Photos & videos” or “Music & audio.” Furthermore, with its new photo picker tool, Android 13 will enable users to select the exact photos or videos that they want to grant access to, without needing to share their entire media library with an app.

Google is also strengthening privacy in Android 13. The company said that apps must get users’ permission before sending them notifications. This means that users can choose to ignore pesky notifications completely. In addition to this, the company is also reducing the number of apps that require users’ location. The company also said that Android 13 will also automatically delete users’ clipboard history after a short period so apps are preemptively blocked from seeing old copied information. And later this year, the company will introduce a unified Security & Privacy settings page in Android 13 that will bring all of users’ device’s data privacy and security front and center. It will also provide a clear, colour-coded indicator of their safety status and offer guidance and steps that they can take to improve security on their devices.

But the list doesn’t end there. Google said that Android 13 will enable users to customise their phones’ look and feel with pre-made color variants. “Once a color scheme has been selected, you’ll see beautiful color variants applied across the entire OS to accentuate your wallpaper and style,” Google wrote in a blog post.

We’re also introducing a new media control that tailors its look based on the music that you’re listening to, featuring the album’s artwork. Additionally, Android 13 will also introduce better multitasking capabilities for tablets. “With the updated taskbar, you can easily switch your single tablet view to a split screen. Just drag and drop any second app in your app library onto your screen and you’ll be able to do two or more things at once with ease,” the company added.

Google is also improving the overall experience of using a stylus in Android 13. The company said that users can rest their hand comfortably on the screen without worrying about it being misidentified as a stylus pen, reducing any unintended actions.

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