Google has published specific Android 9 Pie distribution numbers for the August 2019. As per the company, the Android 9 Pie now has 22.6 percent adoption after 12 months from the initial rollout. The newer versions of Android share mostly increases on the active Android devices, and Google keeps sharing those as well. But this time around, Google took about five months to update Android distribution dashboard, but the company still did not share adoption numbers for any other Android version.

For not sharing the entire list, Google has blamed a technical glitch and lack of adoption data. The Android parent company stated that the update will be rolled out on a quarterly basis. To our surprise, there is no Android 10 adoption data as well, considering Google only talked about second-latest Android version.

Around same time last year, Google shared Android distribution numbers for the month of October 2018, and Android 9 Pie was found nowhere. The Android Pie had then failed to make it to the list in the second straight month, while the Android Oreo had grown to 21.5 percent. Both Nougat and Oreo took 10 months to cross 10 percent adoption, but Android 9 Pie achieved in just nine months.

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Google shared these Android Pie distribution numbers an hour ahead of Android Dev Summit 2019. This event has also become a venue for important software announcements from Google. Last year, the same event had included topics like folding phones, generic system images, and more. This year, the search giant is expected to make announcements around Android Studio 4.0, new Jetpack APIs, and Jetpack Compose.

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