Google has introduced new features for Android users as part of a new update. These features will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks and are made to make the lives of Android users more secure and convenient.

The new features come after Google recently introduced Android 12 Developers Preview, trying to give users something to be excited about before the next-gen Android version gets launched officially later this year. Let’s have a look at the new features.

Android’s Password Checkup feature

Google has introduced a feature that will help people keep stronger and safer passwords. The Password Checkup feature will tell users if their passwords had been compromised earlier, with the help of the Android Autofill feature that allows users to save their passwords for easy logins. To enable Autofill, you need to head to the Settings> System> Languages & input > Advanced, and enable Autofill.

Whenever you type a password in an app, Google will check it with the list of unsafe passwords and if the one you chose is one of them, it will alert you. This will help you change to a secure password and keep yourself safe. The feature will work on Android 9.0 and above.

Now schedule messages on Android

Google Messages can now be scheduled to make conversations between people easier, especially when people don’t stay in the same region. Smartphones with Android 7.0 and above can now schedule messages in Google’s native message app with the help of the ‘schedule send’ feature.

android schedule messages

Schedule messages on Android

All users would need to do is type a message, as usual, long-press the send option, and then select the date and time the messages needs to be delivered.

Google Maps in dark mode

After a number of Google apps coming with the popular dark mode, Google Maps has finally received it too. People around the globe can now use Google Maps to navigate in dark mode to put less strain on their eyes.

google maps dark mode

Google Maps in dark mode

This can be done by simply heading to the Settings menu in the app and selecting the Theme option to enable the ‘Always in Dark Theme’ option for the darkness needed. The ‘Always Light Theme’ option can be selected to enable the light theme.

Google Assistant works even when the phone is locked

Google has tried enhancing Google Assistant’s capabilities further. This is aimed for users to take the virtual assistant’s help hands-free. Hence, Google Assistant can now be summoned to make calls, set alarms, play some music, and more, even when the smartphone is locked.

For this, users would need to turn on Lock Screen Personal Results in the Assistant setting and say the obvious words for it to work, “Hey, Google!”

Google’s TalkBack feature enhanced

Google’s TalkBack feature has also been improved. This will help visually-impaired people to use smartphones without really looking at them. TalkBack now comes with more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu, spoken feedback, and more.

enhanced talkback feature

Improved TalkBack feature

The new features have been introduced after taking feedback from the blind and low vision communities for better usage. TalkBack can be accessed by getting the Android accessibility apps via the Google Play Store.

Enhanced Android Auto

Android Auto has also received some new features such as the ability to change the custom wallpapers, home screen shortcuts, access to voice-activated games, and a lot more.

All the new Google Android features will reach users in the coming weeks.

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