Google has just revealed that it is pausing the rollout of Android Q Beta 4. This decision comes just days after Google first rolled out Android Q Beta 4. Google revealed that it arrived at the decision after a number of Google Pixel users reported problems with the new update. Users reported about failed installation, boot loop and getting stuck in recovery mode after the rollout. The curious thing here is that official OTA updates are behind these issues and these are not a result of manual installation.

Google issues statement on pausing the Android Q Beta 4 OTA

After a number of reports about issues, Google took to its official Android_Beta subreddit on Reddit for an update. As part of the update, Google noted that it is aware of the problems with Android Q Beta 4. As a response, the company stated that it has “temporarily paused Beta 4 OTA updates” to all Google Pixel devices. This is to ensure that the company has sufficient time to investigate and fix the issue. Google also promised that it will issue an update after fixing the problem. The company also apologized to its users for “any inconvenience”.

Google did not reveal any official timeline for fixing the problems with Beta 4 but it is likely to take a few days. Due to the problems associated with this version, we would recommend you to not install the latest version if you have been thinking about it. If you are one of the unlucky ones then the only likely solution we have for you is a factory reset. It is worth noting that this is the only beta version out of all the four Beta builds that have caused these many issues.

As previously reported, the Android Q Beta 4 comes with the final API 29 for developers. This means that users can finally start updating their apps to support the upcoming stable version of Android Q. Google asked: “Android developers to test their current apps for compatibility with Android Q” as it plans on launching release candidate builds. In addition to the API, Google has also improved the gestures in the system.

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