Google seems to be hard at work to put finishing touches on Android Q, the latest version of Android. According to a new report, we have just received new information about some of the changes in future versions. To be clear, here we are talking about the Android Q Beta 5. We are not sure if these changes will make their way to the final version of Android Q as it all depends on Google. Another thing to note here is that it is possible that Google may make more changes to the feature before releasing Beta 5. We also don’t know the final launch date of Android Q or even the Q Beta 5. Keeping all these disclaimers in mind, let’s dive in.

Android Q Beta 5 new Assistant gesture hint

According to a report by XDA Developers, Google is planning on improving its Google Assistant gesture. The company made notable changes to the gestures with Android Q Beta 4. One of the changes done includes the way users can invoke the digital assistant of their choice. As previously reported, users can invoke Google Assistant by swiping from one of the two corners at the bottom of the screen. Users will have to swipe upwards, towards the center of the screen from the diagonally opposite corner.

The report now indicates that Google will also add a visual hint to the gesture in Beta 5. As part of the visual cue or hint, the Beta 5 update will introduce two curved cues along with the corners. The cues expand and contract to attract the attention of the user so that they know that these indicate something. The Google Assistant gesture also comes with a new colored animation at the bottom side of the screen. The animation starts on both corners and then meets in the middle of the screen. Thankfully, it is not as distracting as some colorful animations may.

Other changes include the introduction of adjustable back sensitivity in the system settings and more. Beta 5 is also likely to refine the newly introduced swipe from sides to go back gesture. Google will distribute the feature in a “peek” on the navigation drawer and then a swipe up to open the app. Users can further down down the sensitivity of this feature so that it does not interfere with similar swipe features.

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