Android Q may offer more control to network carriers to SIM lock your smartphone

While everybody out there is eagerly waiting for Android Q as it will reportedly offer system-wide Dark mode to users, the next major Android build has again hit the rumor mill that might be bad news for some. A fresh report suggests that the Android Q may reportedly give more power to mobile carriers as they may get the control to lock down the smartphones with their network via SIM cards.

9to5Google stated that four commits were posted to various parts of Android’s Gerrit source code management, labeled as “Carrier restriction enhancements for Android Q.” This reportedly indicates that network carriers may get more authority over which network the phones will work on. Furthermore, the report asserted that “it will be possible to designate a list of allowed and excluded carriers, essentially a whitelist and a blacklist of what will and won’t work on a particular phone. This can be done with a fine-grained detail to even allow blocking virtual carrier networks that run on the same towers as your main carrier.” In simpler terms, currently, mobile carriers can only restrict one SIM slot, and with the upcoming Android Q, they might be able to restrict another network’s SIM in the second slot too unless the same SIM is in the first slot.

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Besides, Google is expected to introduce the next major Android build at Google I/O 2019, which is said to take place in Mountain View, California. Lastly, while the much-awaited system-wide dark mode will soon make its debuts with Android Q, one can also get the dark theme option in the Android Pie. However, users will only get it in the notification shade and app launcher.

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