Amidst all the gadgets we own and use everyday, one of the biggest problem is charging them. Every device comes with a different charger and use different wall charger that makes life miserable. However, the charging industry is going through a revolution and the revolution is coming to wall chargers and not just the ports used on their devices. Anker and RavPower are introducing chargers that are the first to use gallium nitride as the material. These new chargers are a leap in terms of design since they shrink down the power bricks that has never been seen before.

Anker’s PowerPort Atom PD 1 and RavPower’s 45W slimline design model are the first two wall chargers to use gallium nitride. The Verge, which has tried both these chargers, says that simply holding these two chargers is enough to understand the change. It says the 30W Anker power adapter is too small to charge anything bigger than a phone while the 45W power brick from RavPower is a bit larger than Anker’s offering but is yet smaller than the silicon-based charger.

Both the chargers, according to The Verge, deliver the output charge as mentioned on their respective labels. The chargers that use GaN could technically be much more efficient and waste less energy when compared to their silicon counterparts. The obstacle for the industry is simply about adoption where silicon has been in use for several years while GaN is relatively new.

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The 30W Anker Atom PD 1 reportedly struggles to charge something as big as a 13-inch MacBook Pro but it works well with devices such as phones, headphones, Nintendo Switch or anything else that supports USB Type-C port. The 45W GaN charger from RavPower is reportedly more impressive with support for charging more powerful devices like the MacBook Pro. These two power bricks show the future sans silicon based chargers and it could be great for those who don’t necessarily charge laptops.

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