Battle royale game Apex Legends is getting new characters with its upcoming update on July 2. Respawn Entertainment announced a new character called Watson at E3 2019. Watson is a new legend who will specialize in electrocuting enemies. Which means that Watson’s abilities will be electricity based. Besides her, there is another character that data miners have found in the game. This other character called Crypto, could be a melee specialist. And no, the name does not have anything to do with Bitcoin. Data miners found Crypto while going through the game files. The Season 2 of the game is starting on July 2 and Watson will be a part of it.

New Legends

Watson’s abilities include setting up an electric fence that works as a perimeter. The skill will block enemies though it is not clear if it will damage them or just push them back. Players will be able to place up to 12 nodes which means that it can be a really big fence. Watson’s ultimate ability is a projectile defense system that blocks missiles and grenades like Gibralter’s ultimate. Her passive increases the the power of the Ultimate Accelerants.

The other legend that has been leaked is Crypto, and the leaks suggest would be a guy with dreadlocks. He has been spotted in the background of an official wallpaper art for Pathfinder. Data miners may have found evidence that Crypto could be the one letting the Flyers out of their cage. And this could lead into an event in the season 2 of the game. Some data miners believe that Crypto could be the counter to Caustic and the new Watson.

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Recently, player reports on Reddit claimed that the devs have added dragons to the game. There were leaks by data miners who found ‘flyers’ in the game data back in March. And now the Apex Legends flyers have come out in the open, and are stealing player death-boxes. The flyers snatch the death boxes of players. The only way to stop it is to shoot it dead and it will drop the box it is carrying to the ground.

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