Apex Legends to soon get private match feature, ‘cool stuff’ from Titanfall

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game will soon get some ‘cool stuff’ as director Chad Grenier drops hint on the game’s future plans and features.

While in talks with BrownGirlGamerCode, the director shed an inkling about adding the private match lobby feature in a future update. Upon getting admin codes from Respawn Entertainment, organisers will be able to create private lobbies with the game as per the gaming outlet.

Grenier in the interview explained that the private matches have been implemented for the multi-player FPS Apex Legends behind the scenes. Respawn at present is working to enable private matches for the public as well. While the director shares insights on the much-requested feature’s implementation, he didn’t provide specifics about the timeline, except for saying that the team is working to bring it as ‘quickly as possible.’

While the feature is said to be built for ‘small-scale use,’ Respawn still has work left to fine-tune and table it to a wider audience. Although the feature is cited to be robustly designed and will offer players cross-play for private lobbies too, besides group up across platforms.

“We made that support [for tournament mode] crossplay as well, so it can be used on console and on PC, or even a mixed lobby using crossplay. We have a separate effort that we’re doing to make it go public. I don’t have a timeline, but we’re trying to make that go as quickly as possible, where we offer the private match feature available for anybody who plays Apex,” Grenier told the publication.

Grenier even promised a ‘ton’ of Titanfall content for Apex Legends Season 9. Gamers will witness a lot of cool stuff in future updates. Rumours indicate that Blisk, the protagonist in Respawn might come to Apex Legends with a ‘Titan as his ability.’ Apex Legends Season 9 is expected to arrive on May 9, 2021, with new cosmetics and elements.

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