Apple AirPods 3rd Gen, new AirPods Pro coming early 2021

The AirPods are currently some of the best wireless earphones in the business and Apple is set to upgrade them early next year. Both the entry-level AirPods and the audiophile-grade AirPods Pro will receive generation upgrades, possibly in the first half of 2021. Apart from performance upgrades, the new AirPods will come with improved and, possibly, more practical designs.

The leak comes courtesy of a Bloomberg report that says Apple will bring the entry-level AirPods 3rd Gen by the first half of 2021. Nothing is said about the AirPods Pro yet but Apple is planning some massive changes to the Pro model to help it compete better with alternatives from Samsung and Sony. The expected prices of both these AirPods models are yet to be known.

Entry-level AirPods 3rd Gen: What to expect?

The entry-level AirPods 3rd Gen is getting the classic Apple upgrade treatment, i.e. gaining the current design and technologies from the Pro model, while the latter gets newer technologies. The AirPods will get a shorter stem design, like the Pro variant. Users can also expect replaceable ear tips, thereby eliminating the plastic ear tips completely.

Apple is also looking to improve the battery life on the AirPods 3rd Gen with possibly a bigger battery capacity and a newer wireless chip. That said, the AirPods won’t get the Pro features such as active noise cancellation. Apple may also make the AirPods 3rd Gen compatible with MagSafe wireless charger.

New AirPods Pro: What will be new this time?

With the AirPods Pro, Apple is now expected to come up with a more modern earbuds design. The tip suggests that Apple will lose the stem completely and repackage all of the Pro features in a compact size. Hence, the earbuds will completely fill the ear with a more round shape. However, the design is said to be “less ambitious” and could end up looking inferior to the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Google Pixel Buds.

Both these AirPods are expected to get the MagSafe treatment for charging. With iOS 14, Spatial audio comes to all AirPods models and the new ones aren’t expected to be left out. Prices for the base AirPods may stay the same as the current one, i.e. the non-wireless charging model may end up at almost Rs 14,000 whereas the wireless charging variant could cost Rs 18,000. The Pro variant may end up costing as much as Rs 25,000.

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