Joy Ive, the Chief Design Officer of Apple has shared his thoughts on why he thinks that AirPods, the wireless earphones by Apple are gradually taking over the world. This comes right around the time when the software and hardware giant Apple launched the second generation of its AirPods. To talk about the AirPods 2 before diving into what Ive thinks, Apple has not done any major changes on the external design of the wireless earphones and instead focused on improving the internals of the earphones. As previously reported, the new AirPods will be powered by H1 chip while offering longer battery life, and “up to 50 percent more talk time”.

According to a new report by GQ, Ive talked about why, in the beginning, AirPods seemed like “a puppy staring at a butterfly”. He stated that it was a common reaction when the first generation of Apple AirPods launched in the market because of its price. Pricing was a significant factor that people took into account instead of taking into account the practical ease of use that AirPods offered. According to him, people focused on talking about attributes of the AirPods like the price because it was easy to talk about the price instead of the practical uses of the new wireless earphones.

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Ive went ahead to state that electronic objects “are inherently very mechanical” and users should pay attention to “all aspects of the design” especially what changes the design brings in the real world usage. He also revealed some challenges that Apple faced while making the AirPods. One of them was how the charging case would orient the AirPods when users put them inside the case.

He stated that the company realized that they were making the wrong design for so long while designing the case. These small challenged and design decisions are what Ive claims to love while developing and designing products. According to the report, he stated that once such design choices are made, the product does not demand much from the user. But, at the same time, these small changes do much more to create a joyous experience for users while using a product than they would realize.

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