Apple has been rumored to be working on a new version of AirPods with noise cancellation. The iPhone maker was expected to debut this new version alongside the iPhone 11 lineup. While that didn’t materialize, Apple pushed an incremental update with support for wireless charging. Now, the company may have inadvertently revealed the design of this upcoming AirPods. The iOS 13.2 beta release has a glyph revealing what the new AirPods with noise cancellation might look like.

The design of this AirPods is reminiscent of Apple‘s older in-ear headphones. While the current generation AirPods have a design similar to EarPods and wireless. The new AirPods with noise cancellation might borrow design from older Apple earphones and be wireless. The glyph representing this upcoming model is found in a component of the system related to accessibility settings, reports 9to5Mac. This could mean that the next version of AirPods will work as a hearing aid.

The function will be similar to the one already offered by current generation AirPods. There are other references in the operating system suggesting the new AirPods will have different listening modes. These modes will be depending on whether you have noise cancellation enabled or not. The mode is said to be called ‘focus mode’ in the system settings and they come with the model code B298. These new AirPods with noise cancellation might debut later this month.

Apple is expected to host a special event this month where it might unveil the rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro. The company might also announce the new version of iPad Pro and launch Apple Tag as its competitor to Tile’s Bluetooth trackers. The company held an event to launch new iPads in New York last year and we might see new products from the company at a special event this month. The new AirPods, if launched this month, will be first major refresh for Apple’s truly wireless earbuds.

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