Apple CEO Tim Cook does not think that its devices are expensive in the market. In an interview with German publication Stern, Cook spoke about the new iPhone models and the upcoming Apple TV+ subscription service. The interview conducted during a visit to the Blinkist Office in Berlin sheds more light on Cook’s thinking. Cook tweeted about the visit to this Berlin-based startup that summarizes non-fiction books. While the interview focused on Apple‘s new subscription services, the lingering question was around pricing.

“We always try to keep our prices as low as possible and fortunately we were able to lower the price of the iPhone this year,” Cook told the publication. In the US, Apple announced that iPhone 11 will start at $699, as opposed to $749 starting price of its predecessor, the iPhone XR. Even in Europe, the iPhone 11 is available at €800, which is €50 lower than that of iPhone XR from last year. He also feels that Apple TV+ is priced attractively in the competitive streaming marketplace.

Apple TV+ will be available at $4.99 in the US and in Europe, it is priced at €5 for a month. In comparison, the cheapest plan from Netflix costs €8 in the European market. The cheapest plan from Netflix does not even include HD video, which makes it less appealing. Cook believes that Netflix is not afraid of its streaming TV service. He notes that video streaming market is not a “winner takes all” kind of a market. He sees many subscribe to several services at once and wants Apple TV+ to be one of them.

Cook also spoke about Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Presidential candidate running in 2021. Warren has repeatedly called for breakup to tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others. The iPhone maker is also facing pressure from the US Supreme Court. “No reasonable person would ever call Apple a monopolist,” Cook said in the interview. He added that App Store is designed to be a trustworthy place to buy apps. “We have 30 to 40 apps – versus more than two million others,” he added.

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