Earlier this week, Apple announced its ‘Shot on iPhone’ contest where it asked its users to send in photos clicked on iPhones. The contest rules declared by Apple stated a panel of judges will be shortlisting 10 winners of the contest who will have their photographs showcased on billboards around the world and other marketing channels of Apple. After this announcement, the contest rules drew sharp criticism from people who were of the opinion that Apple just giving exposure to the shots of the users while using the photographs as part of their marketing was not compensation enough.

This has led Apple to change the rules of the contest, and it has now added a new paragraph in the original press release which says that winners of the contest will be paid licensing fees for their photographs as Apple believes in compensating the photographers. The change was first reported by The Verge, and here’s what the new paragraph in the press release said, “Apple believes strongly that artists should be compensated for their work. Photographers who shoot the final 10 winning photos will receive a licensing fee for use of such photos on billboards and other Apple marketing channels.”

There are no details about how much compensation Apple is talking about, while some people are of the opinion that the exposure itself is rewarding enough. Here’s a look back at the details of the contest. Apple announced that it is celebrating the beginning of the year along with the best photos shot on iPhone, “the world’s most popular camera”, hence the contest and interested users can submit their photos till February 7.

As part of the announcement post, Apple has also added a small recap of the new features that it has added in its 2018 iPhone lineup. The key features include Smart HDR, improved portraits with adjustable bokeh and improved image algorithms for better details in the highlights and shadows of the images. To make the submission, Apple has asked users to upload their best iPhone images on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag “ShotOniPhone”. In addition, Weibo users can also use the same hashtag to take part in the challenge.

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Interested users can also send their best images in the highest resolution on [email protected] in a specific naming format of  “firstname_lastname_iphonemodel”. Apple has also shared some ground rules about the images that are eligible for the submission. As part of the rules, the images should directly be from the iPhone camera this means that no additional hardware equipment is allowed while shooting the images.

The company has also allowed image editing provided that it is done with the help of the Photos app on iOS or any other third-party iOS app. As part of the announcement, the company also shared details about the panel of judges that will go through all the submissions.

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