Apple has just taken an important step with its augmented reality glasses, one of the company’s most rumored devices in recent years. According to a report by The Information, the “Apple AR Glasses” have finished the prototype stage development, so trial production will now begin. It seems that the company is satisfied with the current design. But, there is still a way to go before marketing it.

Apple is performing all kinds of tests to ensure that the glasses meet its quality standards. At the moment, it is not clear in what year the device will start its sale. According to Bloomberg, it will be until 2023 when consumers could purchase the “Apple Glasses“. However, there is also a report of an augmented reality headset that would be launched in 2022.

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Foxconn as a key partner

The source indicates that Apple has been working on the “semi-transparent” glasses since 2018 with Foxconn, its most important partner in the Asian production chain. Interestingly, that same year Apple acquired Akonia Holographics. A company specialized in the development of liquid crystal displays on silicon (LCoS) to project images. Foxconn’s Chengdu plant would house the test production line of the “Apple Glasses.

It would have been in May when the augmented reality glasses entered an engineering validation test (EVT) phase. In addition, during this stage, Apple could have developed a design that, once all the necessary tests had been passed, could become the final version for mass production. Apple’s goal at this time is to check that the device works properly in everyday use.

Augmented reality (AR) consists of combining elements of digital content with information in the real world. In terms of design, Apple AR Glasses could mount lenses that integrate several “extremely thin” layers of different materials. The report ends by mentioning that the “Apple Glasses” are still one or two years away from starting large-scale manufacturing.

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