Flipkart is hosting a sale on Apple products that started on December 7 and will go on until December 11. Flipkart is calling it the Apple Days sale and is putting a variety of Apple products up for grabs. However, similar to the various sale events Flipkart keeps throwing throughout the month, this one too does not offer any rice discount or benefit. You are paying the same amount of money for most of the listed products as you would on a normal day.

The Apple Days sale on Flipkart is putting up most of the older stocks of last year’s iPhone models at lower prices. Additionally, it is also making available the new iPhone 12 models with the same launch offers and exchange bonuses. During the Apple Days sale, you can also “buy” the older MacBook Air models as well as the outgoing MacBook Pro variants. Similarly, you can get the older 7th Gen base iPad at a slightly lower price than you would pay for the new 8th Gen iPad.

Apple Days sale on Flipkart: Where are the discounts?

Flipkart has listed some of the “top offers” you need to check out during the sale period. Here are some of them listed below:

iPhone 12 Mini: The iPhone 12 Mini is presented at a starting price of Rs 63,900 only, provided you check the T&C next to the asterisk on the listing. The discounted price includes the same Rs 6,000 off with HDFC Bank cards you would pay on any other day while buying the iPhone 12 Mini.

iPhone 12: With the same HDFC Bank offer of Rs 6,000 off, the iPhone 12 is up for grabs at a “lowly” price of Rs 73,900. Do not miss the asterisk here as well.

iPhone SE: The almost new iPhone SE is also sold at the same price of Rs 32,999 on Flipkart during the Apple Days sale. Unlike the other listings, there’s no asterisk here as there is no actual offer.

iPhone XR: The iPhone XR is also bring sold at a starting price of Rs 40,999. No real discounts here but you can get an exchange bonus of up to Rs 15,150 on eligible devices.

Apple iPhone XR

MacBook Air 10th Gen models: Flipkart is putting up the older 10th Gen MacBook Air base model up for grabs, starting at Rs 83,990. Do note that you will only get 256GB storage, 8GB RAM, and a 10th Gen Core i3 processor.

MacBook Air Core i5 5th Gen: This old relic is still selling at a premium price of Rs 67,990, complete with its 5th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB SSD storage, as well as 8GB RAM. Honestly, give this one a miss.

iPad 7th Gen 32GB: The Apple iPad 7th Gen is up for grabs during the sale but you can only get it at a starting price of Rs 27,200. Unsurprisingly, the 8th Gen iPad is listed as out of stock as it starts at Rs 29,900.

If you are seeking some considerable discounts on the iPhones and iPads, we suggest you should wait for an actual sale event with actual discounts. The Intel 10th Gen MacBook Air models are good deals though for someone seeking a premium ultrabook.

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